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June has been a great moth so far for Graduate Liberal Studies. Below are just a few of the many stories about members of the GLS community.

5 Questions with Professor Giulio Gallarotti       

http://www.vampandtramp.com/finepress/t/Tibbatts-Water-for-Tea-L.jpg   Work by Terri Tibbats MALS ’04 on display


Brad Roth MALS ’97: Changing Lives through Movement


Lisa Carroll MALS ’99 Named “Teacher of the Year”

Graduate Liberal Studies is lucky to have fantastic students and alumni who support one another’s endeavors. Pem McNerney – editor of the Madison
Patch – has published a great article about fellow GLS student Suzanne Wind Gaskell’s May 10 MPhil colloquium.

Read the article on the Madison Patch site and join us for the colloquium and reception on May 10!


Professor Stephanie Kuduk Weiner (not pictured at right) recently had a great new article, “On the Publication of John Clare’s The Rural Muse” on John Clare (pictured at right) published by BRANCH.

You can read the article on the BRANCH website – check it out!

Clare penned such wonderful poems as “The Thrush’s Nest”, posted below for your reading pleasure.



The Thrush’s Nest

Within a thick and spreading hawthorn bush
That overhung a molehill large and round,
I heard, from morn to morn, a merry Thrush
Sing hymns to sunrise, while I drank the sound
With joy:—and often, an intruding guest,
I watch’d her secret toils, from day to day,
How true she warp’d the moss to form her nest,
And model’d it within with wood and clay.
And by and bye, like heath-bells gilt with dew,
There lay her shining eggs, as bright as flowers,
Ink-spotted-over shells of green and blue,
And there I witness’d, in the Summer hours,
A brood of Nature’s minstrels chirp and fly,
Glad as the sunshine and the laughing sky. (179)

As printed in The Naturalist’s Poetical Companion. 1846. Ed. Edward Wilson. London: Addey and Co., 1852. Print.

This month we’ve introduced a new feature to our website. We will highlight a member of our community on a bi-monthly basis, introducing folks to the amazing personal stories and work of our students and alumni. Our first profile is Howard el-Yasin MALS ’11; an artist, activist, and GLS alumnus. Howard’s artwork is highly physical, both in the process of its creation and in its presence. You can read the profile of Howard on our GLS profile page and see his work on display now through March 12 at the Hans Weiss Newspace Gallery at Manchester Community College.

Know someone you think we should profile? Email us!

The Summer Session Design competition is open to all faculty, staff and students. The 2012 t-shirt will be given to all Summer Session 2012 students and many more will be used solely for marketing purposes. So you might just see a total stranger walking down the street somewhere in your awesome design! In addition to the gratification of seeing your design on hundreds of t-shirts, you could also win a $25 gift certificate to your choice of Middletown business (restrictions apply). And we’ll give you a few t-shirts all your own, so that you can market yourself. Entries will be anonymous to the panel of student and staff judges.

Not interested in entering, but interested in judging? Email us at summer@wesleyan.edu and let us know!

Visit http://www.wesleyan.edu/summer/about/2012_Design_Competition.html for more details! The deadline for submissions to be received is Monday, February 27th at 5:00 PM.

Professor William Herbst, John Monroe Van Vleck Professor of Astronomy at  gave a great radio interview on the Colin McEnroe show on WNPR. About what?  About dust! Dust is in fact much more interesting than you could imagine in your wildest dreams, so check this interview out!

You can listen to the show  and check out Professor Herbst’s website for more information about his research and interests.


Elvin Lim, assistant professor of government and currently teaching a GLS course on American Political Development, is blogging regularly about the latest developments in the Republican primaries.  Is Mitt Romney’s greatest disadvantage that he is too happy?  Why is the Republican establishment attacking Newt Gingrich?

Read what Professor Lim has to say about it all on his blog, Out on a Lim.

Linda Napoletano, who is currently pursuing her Certificate of Advanced Study through the Graduate Liberal Studies Program, recently made the news. Napoletano’s final project, a play entitled “Blind and Toothless” tells the story of Bangladeshi immigrant and hate crime victim Rais Bhuiyan. Mr Bhuiyan was shot in the face by Mark Stroman in the wake of the September 11th World Trade Center attacks. An advocate for peace and the abolition of the death penalty, Bhuiyan fought to save Stroman from execution. Napoletano’s research and relationship with Mr. Bhuiyan for her play led Glastonbury High School, where Napoletano teaches, to extend an invitation to Mr. Bhuiyan. The Hartford Courant reported the story of Mr. Bhuiyan’s visit, and Napoletano’s work on January 6, 2012. Read more here!

Stable Link: http://www.courant.com/news/education/hc-muslim-immigrant-glastonbury-play-0107-20120106,0,1648421.story


Love of learning is a survival skill in our world of constant change. Designed for adults, Graduate Liberal Studies at Wesleyan offers the opportunity to study fascinating topics in small classes with Wesleyan’s renowned faculty. Join us on Tuesday, January 10th at 6:30 PM for a mini-lecture with Professor Elvin Lim, who will be teaching “American Political Development” with us in the Spring. Attendees will also receive a brief overview of the program’s curriculum and requirements. The Open House will take place in the McKelvey Room of the Admissions Building at 70 Wyllys Avenue.

Graduate Liberal Studies students are invited to pursue an M.A. in Liberal Studies, a 6th-year Certificate of Advanced Study, or take classes for personal enrichment. Courses in arts, humanities, mathematics, sciences, and social sciences are offered in fall and spring (evenings and immersion options), and in summer (daytime, evenings and immersion options). Visit http://www.wesleyan.edu/masters/ for more information about the program. If you can’t make the open house but would like to learn more, please call us at (860) 685-2900 or email masters@wesleyan.edu for further information.

Reblogged from The Wesleyan Connection at http://newsletter.blogs.wesleyan.edu/2011/12/02/schwartz/. Many thanks to David Low for a wonderfully written piece about one of our alums!

In The Dance Claimed Me (Yale University Press), Peggy MALS ’77 and Murray Schwartz provide an intimate perspective on the life of Pearl Primus (1919–1994) who made her mark on the dance scene in 1943 with impressive works incorporating social and racial protest into their dance aesthetic. Friends and colleagues of the dancer, the authors explore her influences on American culture, dance, and education.

The Schwartzes trace Primus’s journey from her childhood in Port of Spain, Trinidad, through her rise as an influential international dancer, an early member of the New Dance Group (whose motto was “Dance is a weapon”), and a pioneer in dance anthropology. They interviewed more than 100 of the artist’s family members, friends, and fellow artists, and others.

Primus traveled extensively in the United States, Europe, Israel, the Caribbean, and Africa, and she played a significant role in presenting authentic African dance to American audiences. She was celebrated by dance critics and contemporaries such as Langston Hughes. But she found controversy in both her private and professional lives, marrying a white Jewish man during a time of segregation and challenging black intellectuals who opposed the “primitive” in her choreography. Her political protests and mixed-race tours in the South triggered an FBI investigation.

Peggy Schwartz is professor of dance and former director of the Dance Program at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Murray Schwartz is former dean of humanities and fine arts at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. He teaches literature at Emerson College.

For an interview with the authors, click here.

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